Flexible Enterprise Software Solutions

JadenX specializes in creating tailored software solutions to meet their customers’ needs. The process is put first and end-to-end solutions that are flexible, robust, and up-to-date are built. JadenX’ expertise in blockchain, AI, and business processes allows creating solutions that are designed to drive success. With low code modules and enterprise-level quality, customers achieve their goals faster and more efficiently. The services include customized requirements management, solution design, backend development, web and mobile app development, and platform development. Whatever the project may be, JadenX has the expertise to create the perfect solution.


Use Cases in Artificial Intelligence

Jaden Data explores business opportunities in Artificial Intelligence. In particular, it runs and develops applications based on entAIngine. entAIngine is a Generative AI platform that assists enterprises in building and deploying customized AI applications, addressing enterprise challenges with low-code process design, data privacy, compliance, and system integrations.


Global Supplier of Thermal Compounds

Jaden Technologies has grown from being a manufacturer of passive cooling systems to becoming a prominent supplier of thermal compounds, which are sold in over 127 countries with a focus particularly on Germany and the E.U. The range of thermal pads, pastes and adhesives that the company offers is renowned for its quality and affordability. Thermal compounds can be customized for any application and use case.